Application file

You are free to compose your file with the elements you deem necessary, whether in writing or by image or even orally in case you want to talk about your project by filming yourself. CV, cover letter, notes of intent or realization, synopsis, technical or literary scenarios, image atlas, storyboard, archives, it is creativity that should guide you in the consistency of the constitution of the file and the desire to make your film idea neutral ground, about to be delivered to the world.

Just keep in mind the notion of training within the framework of a cinematographic immersion whose bet seeks to formulate a singular grouping capable of achieving 4 films simultaneously. The behavior to adopt is not that of a filmmaker with his team making a film, but that of 4 strategists in search, having in their hands an unsuspected technology, capable of reproducing fragments of a coming reality. In this hypothetical reality, a primordial place is reserved for the exploration of the landscape, and thus for a desire for a change of scenery.

In short, your project must be able to reinvent itself by reinventing the relationship to the medium in its adaptation to this initial clearing. Think also of the medium itself, when Tonino Guerra offered an 8mm camera to Tarkovski, he was overwhelmed by the power and conciseness of his image, because this power is combined with a fragility, a fragility that is less present in 16mm and which has completely disappeared from the digital regime. This fragility, which reproduces the challenges of the origins of cinema, gives Super 8 both the lightness of its implementation and the power of its sudden incision, which translates into the possibility of reaching a rhythm of realization and a state spirit conducive to improvisation.

The candidates of the selected projects will be invited to a distant interview.

Please specify only the mode of financing you envisage to carry out the training, just as if you want to submit your project to the summer grant.

Send your application to:

June 30, 2022 at midnight (if AFDAS funding) & July 11, 2022 at midnight (all other funding).